Whether you are an experienced singer looking to develop your individuality as an artist or someone just starting out with a passion for music and an interest in making it as a vocalist this is the place for you.

These classes will help you discover everything your voice can be, including expanding your range, maximising dynamics, warmth and depth and developing your vocal individuality and stage persona.

I believe anyone with passion and commitment can make it in the music business but a distinct sound and interpretation when performing and recording is crucial. Students are expected to put in a considerable amount of time and practise in order to get the most out of each lesson and to reach their maximum potential.

All lessons are one to one. 


I am passionate vocal coach and vocalist.

With over a decade of experience in music ranging from pop, jazz, soul, r&b and musical theatre I have a detailed insight into and understanding of contemporary vocals.

Having studied both classical and modern vocals I know how important it is to find a teacher who is honest about the difference between the two methods and who understands exactly what is required of the individual who wants to explore contemporary music and singing in terms of sound and technique.

I have been running leading contemporary vocal courses for over a decade for Londoners and visiting students from aboard. I am passionate about vocal training for the adult amateur to the aspiring professional.

I am teaching people from all walks of life, from complete beginners to professional and established singers. The philosophy of the lessons however is the same for everyone; to develop unique singers who are confident in their style of singing and knows how to use their voice to its full potential. I play the piano and always accompany my students in lessons. 

I teach from the lovely Music Studios on Marylebone Lane and online via Zoom or Skype. 

Ida Griffiths 

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