Why contemporary vocal training?

There is a big difference between classical and contemporary training but not all classically trained teachers will acknowledge this. They might claim to train students in 'all styles' but if all they know from personal training is how to develop a classical voice then that is what you will experience too.

There is of course nothing wrong with a classically trained voice but when it comes to singing modern music a classically trained voice wouldn't sound right. Why? Because a classically trained voice would lack the individual sound and stylistic elements that you get from contemporary training.  

The beauty of contemporary training is that it is all about finding your own style and sound, you will develop your voice so that in the end you sound like yourself.

I specialise in contemporary music and training and can guarantee that you will experience vocal lessons fully devoted to your natural tone. You will develop into a confident and unique singer in no time. 

Lessons take place at the Music Studios on Marylebone Lane, just minutes from Oxford Street and the West End. 


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